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"The true artist helps the world by
revealing mystic truths."

- Bruce Nauman- 

Dear friend,


Working with a medium is a big step. We all need guidance and counsel, but opening up and trusting someone can be one of the hardest things. I understand—I've been there!

My commitment is to be a safe space to help you connect with divine wisdom, clear guidance and the protection of departed loved ones. I've seen things so wondrous, I have no words. Bands of angels, friends and family who have transitioned. God in his wisdom and the universal mystery of miracles have humbled me.  


A little about me: I was raised Catholic and have studied all faiths and teachings. I've also worked for multinational corporations in an executive role, spending years in the "everyday world." Now, I seek to share my gifts and help people lead a well-lived and joyful life.


Like you, I've struggled to learn and grow like everyone and have found compassion and understanding from some very enlightened beings—messengers and teachers who have entered my life at different stages of growth, pushing me to challenge and understand myself and the world around me. They helped me find my soul's purpose and my most authentic self.

In return,  I have helped many find their true path in their journey, providing clarity. This clarity burns bright and lights up the world touching all you know and those you seek. (Feel free to read client testimonials here.)


We are all connected and part of the most beautiful planet and magical thing called life. I'd be honored to help you tune in to your soul's purest light.

The Universe and God blessed me with the gifts of discernment to share with you. If you're looking for enlightenment and help, let's connect.

With light,


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