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Your home is sacred. It is your santuary.  Make it your retreat from the world. The place where you find the peace you need to feed, nurture and nourish your soul. Every home needs to be nurtured. It needs to be recharged cleansed of the negativity, chaos and bad vibes that find their way in.  Whether for yourself, a gift or for your family, use this powerful house blessing and cleansing to create positivity and harmonious energy in your home. Remove negativity. Peaceful easy feelings will make you feel connected and loving easing your relationships and understanding. A great way to begin the Feng Shui process. A wonderful housewarming gift. A simple monthly ritual to keep the negative vibes at bay.


This kit contains:

1 Candle

1 Wash


Infused with prayer crystals, herbs, oils and flowers.


House Blessing Kit

SKU: 0005
  • The moon waxes and wanes in communion with the earth. This house blessing is connected to the moon’s magic through its natural full and new moon cycles. We infused the crystals, oils, herbs and flowers used to create this special blend with prayer and our own lunar rituals. 


    Legal Disclaimer
    We remind our customers that all items are sold as curios only and in no way guarantee successful outcomes. Our tools are meant to help you create positive intentions in your prayers. Your energy, kharma and intentions and so many other factors contribute to the outcome. Working these items are up to you! We do not claim to treat or cure any illness or condition. We do not offer goods as a substitute for proper legal, medical or financial advice.

  • Due to the highly involved creation of the items, no returns or refunds are available.

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